Saturday, May 21, 2011

Please Keep Us In Your Throughts

Sorry I haven't blogged all week. My family received some very upsetting news about my father's health. He will fight and get through it but right now he needs all the good thoughts he can get. Here is a picture of him and Miss Baby from last weekend. Now that is truely love right there. My mom has a better one of her resting her arm on his tummy and listening to him.

Miss Baby and I did some yard saling today. We didn't hit too many we are saving our money and time for next weekend. The mother load of all weekends. For some reason today everyone thought that their crap was worth more than it was. I looked at these adorable bathroom pictures 4 to be exact. The woman priced them at $40.00 for the set. I turned them over and saw a $1.99 price tag from xmas tree shop on each, and they still smelled like her bathroom... yuck. Here is what I did mange to find:

A brand new yankee candles with a tin topper $1.00

A big towel with princess embroidered in it for $1.00

Skirt $1.00

Baby clothes $1.50 for all three (my friend is having a baby boy so this romper was cute for $.50)

Cat's Meow village figure $1.00. If you've never heard of Cat's meow, it is a company that creates figures of historial/local places with a black cat painted on them. This one is of a beautiful covered bridge two towns over from us.

Grand Total of $5.50

Our first yard sale was an indoor yard sale for a house that had just sold. I fell in love instantly it was built in the early 1900's and was so cute and quirky. It was situated on 2 acres of land and looked like a lake cabin. It had tons of built in cabinets and an adorable set up. My husband was horrified that I fell in love with it so fast. I love older fixer upper houses with character he likes brand new ready to move in houses. (Also this house was right across the street from his aunt and uncle, which i had to remind him is not a deciding factor in our next house considering half our small town is related to us somehow). Im off to go plan my attack for next weekend's yard saling extravaganza!


  1. I'm already sending my positive thoughts and prayers through Cathy's blog at Acorn Hollow, but of course you are included in them too.
    My very best wishes for a positive outcome.

    Rose H

  2. Sending my healing thoughts and prayers for your Dad. The picture of the two of them is just precious. :)

    I'm so happy it's finally nice and we can get out to garage/estate/tagit sales :) I love the lil princess towel. Perfect for Miss Baby. :)