Saturday, May 28, 2011

Disappointments All Around....

I was extremely disappointed with the yard sales in this neck of the woods.There were alot of them but they were awful (at least the ones I hit). A majority of the stuff was overpriced and dirty. So here is my "haul" according to my husband. I think he's been watching a bit too much extreme couponing lately

  • A Zipper notebook for my coupon binder(more about my extreme coupon attempts later) .50

  • Ugg Boots $5.00

  • Never Been Opened a gallon of martha stewart white paint $2.00

  • Basket, infant swim trunks (for a friends), Baby Toy, and infant toy $8.00

  • Two outdoor pillows $2.00

  • Pencil Case from L.L.Bean also for my coupon binder $1.00

  • Large pine cone $.10 (some reason I thought it was cool)

  • Two infant toys $.25

  • Garden Ornament Snail 1.00

  • Sports Bra- I wasn't to into looking at sports bras at a yard sale but the woman swore she bought it and got it home and it didn't fit and was too lazy to bring it back. It looks brand new so for $.50 I figured why not.

  • Free place mats from Crate and Barrel and Free magazines.

Grand Total $20.35. Not a great "haul" but I got some cute stuff. By far the best deal were the Ugg boots and unopened gallon of paint.

I hope you had better luck than I did!

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  1. Great finds. The Ugg boots for 5.00 were an unbelievable steal. Your family are in my prayers nightly.