Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Finds and Family Time

So Miss Baby and I went to visit my family today. While Miss Baby "slept" (for all of 10 minutes and then had Pepe time) Mom and I went thrifting. We found so great stuff! This isn't even everything we found.

  • Atkins recipie book (im attempting some low carb meals) $.25

  • Reading for Understanding worksheet book for my students. $.25

  • Fun toys for Miss Baby $.50 a piece and the battery operated ones still have working batteries. We also got a bunch of teething rings not shown.

  • A great life jacket- not shown $2.00.

  • My mom found got some great clothing for me. The best piece is the Ann Taylor dress with the tags still on it for $1.00.

After we got back from thrifting, the sky turned black, the lights went out and my parents had a very windy, very rainy kinda crazy thunderstorm. You probably can't tell from this picture from their bay window but the trees were sideways! Miss Baby and I camped out for a while and then headed home.

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