Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our First Thrift Store

Baby, hubby, and I went out for a coffee at our favorite coffee house yesterday. Fortuneately right next door is one of our favorite doggy thrift stores. So I decided it was high time miss baby had a trip to her first thrift store.

Unfortuneately I didn't find anything too exciting. Her grandparents are coming up today so maybe gramie, baby, and I will be able to slip out and have better luck at the other thrift stores.

I did find the Feb. 2011 copy of Country Living for $.50 less than I paid for my coffee! What a great deal considering youbuy it off the newstand for 2 0r 3 dollars. I am a magazine addict but hate to pay full price. (I get the magazine addict part from my mother over at acorn hollow) Hubby and I had no money on us so I scrounged $.48 and the thrift store lady let us have it for that. I"ll have to go donate to the puppies for such a great deal!

1 comment:

  1. I never thought of looking for current magazines at a thrift store! What a great idea! Enjoyed my visit today!