Friday, January 14, 2011

After Christmas Sales & Chocolate Thieves

So I was in the hospital having a baby so I was not able to hit up as many after Christmas sales as I would have liked. Hubby did get to go out and peruse Walmart without me. He came home with a candy cane filled with hot tamales for $.25 and 4 boxes of chocolate covered cherries for $.23 a piece. (I personally choose to look at the Christmas decorations, while hubby chooses to look at the food items :) ) We had to buy the chocolate covered cherries A). because hubby is obsessed with them and B). Bailey ate a whole box of chocolate covered cherries at hubby's parents house (on top of a loaf of bread, and two muffins) while we were at the hospital.

Im going to start calling him iron stomach. He didn't get sick, but has been jonesing for chocolate ever since. Every time hubby opens the chocolate cherry box, the dog wakes out of a dead sleep and comes running. Don't let looks be deceiving he looks cute, but is sneaky as hell!


  1. hey I felt bad with a 1/2 roll of ritz crackers that he got.

  2. I bought umm..*cough* a couple boxes of those cheap cherries too. ;) Be careful about him getting the can be deadly to dogs. He sure is a cutie. :)