Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thrifty Weekend

I was lucky enough to do some thrifting this weekend. I went to the new store Savers in Portsmouth. Now you southern ladies have told me about savers but i've never been there, nor seen one for that matter. Well one came into a town near us and WAHOOO that is my new favorite! First of all I think the prices are better than Goodwill, ( I love goodwill don't get me wrong) and it is extremely organized. Sorry I didn't take pictures, but I bought a pair of pregnancy jeans for 2.95 and a pregnancy skirt for 2.95. What a deal!

I went to see my family on Sunday, we had a wonderful Sunday dinner! My mom and I made a stop at her local thrift store. I just looovee when thrift stores are open on Sundays :) Here is what I got:

  • Ironing board/Iron holder 1.00 brand new
  • Home Alone CD .50 (I'm always looking for xmas music to download to hubby's ipod)
  • Super comfy shoes that look like they've never been worn 2.00

Total of 3.50... im a big spender!

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