Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thrift Shopping and Donating to the Doggies

Im linking up to Rhoda's at Southern Hospitality
So yesterday I hit up a few of my favorite thrift stores out in Maine.

My first stop was the Congregation Church in Fryeburg. I love this thrift store and they have been known to have "free days" once a season, where everything in the store is free!

I bought:
  • Brand new Old Navy sandals with tags still on the Originally 16.50 for 2.00

  • Lands End Shorts $1.00 (since im pregnant my ass doesn't fit in them so im shipping them off to my mother).
  • Free pair of green pants from Old Navy. They were on the free rack and I have no idea, no rips stains etc....
After stopping for a slice of pizza at my favorite convience store. (I've been craving their pizza).

I was off to Harvest Hills Animal Shelter. They have a huge amazing thrift store complete with furniture, dishes, clothes, books, CDS, etc. you name it, its there. I love it because everything is donated and all of the money earned goes to the humane society.

Shockingly I didnt find too much

Two Martha Stewart Magazines for .50 a piece

A Toby Keith CD for $1.50
A cute magnet for .75

Grand Total $6.25


  1. We have a similar thrift store where I am. Except it smells like an animal shelter (even though there isn't one on site...)
    I went there today and didn't see much. But I do like to go often because you never know what you'll find.