Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dianna's Bath and Dump Finds

It has been a wonderful morning at the Danforth household. Bailey and I decided to hit the dump ( to get rid of all of my germy used tissues) and take a nature walk.

Here is what we found at the dump:

  • An older bowl and sugar bowl im going to give to my mom.

  • A fun looking green urn im going to spray paint black and put flowers in.

  • An apple pealer which i've been waiting forever to find! Works great too! My mother always said if you wait long enough you'll find what you want at the dump or yard sales.

  • A metal measuring cup for bailey's food

  • A glamour magazine I haven't read yet

  • and a brand new book mark
Diana's Bath in Conway is beautiful place where you can explore the waterfalls and just relax. Bailey and I went there to enjoy the peace and quiet. The "hike" is only a mile in and is all flat ground. We love to spend time there in the summer. When the tourists started showing up and asking us if this was the public pool, we left.

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