Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dumpster Diving

So Bailey and I headed to the dump for our weekly picking session. I love Tuesdays at the dump because they are closed on Sun and Mon so there are many left over yard sale items being dropped off.

So here is our little dump store

They almost banned the dump store a few summers ago because people were sitting there and loitering. If someone drove up with a carload of stuff people actually jumped in their car to get the first stuff. My friends always joke that it was me doing that! I would never be that extreme or ridiculous!

Here are my dump finds for today:

* 2 glass water spikets for my potted plants

*2 hard cover gardening books (i'll give those to my mom, im a horrible gardener
a brand new make up bag

*An old VHS 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. My mom is an old movie lover so i grew up watchign these movies and I absolutely loved this one as a kid. My husband thinks im crazy but i just think i have an old soul.

And my last find.... which i had to crawl on top of the wood pile for.

This older gentlemen was standing at the bottom of the wood pile and stated that pregnant women should not be crawling around on top of the wood pile at the dump. I asked him if he was a medical professional he said "no" so i stated that unless he wanted to climb up here and fetch this for me that I would kindly like it if he kept his comments to himself. Well that shut him up and he left. I know pregnant women should not be on top of the wood pile, but this was only 1/2 way up and I was very careful getting it :) This is the second time this week though I have been lectured on my pregnancy.

I was really craving ramen noodles the other day so hubby drove me to walmart and i grabbed 2 packages. Now i know ramen is not that best thing for you, but every once in a while its okay, and I really really wanted some. Well the cashier in Walmart decided to lecture me on how high in sodium Ramen Noodles are and that it would kill my baby and I. First of all I didnt know that walmart was hiring trained medical professionals to give out free advice at the check out counter, and second of all the woman was extremely rude. I left Walmart crying, hubby waiting in the car was extremely shocked to see me bawling leaving walmart. I went back today and that same woman was outside smoking a cigarette. I was tempted to lecture her on the evils of smoking and how it was effecting me, but I decided against it. I dont want a reputation of being the evil pregnant woman in town.

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  1. LOL at your woodpile climb!!
    You should have told her to go fetch you some low sodium Oodles of Noodles, and then today you should have smiled, waved and said "I hope you enjoy your cancer stick". that would have ticked her off!
    Aqua Globes rock!!!!!