Friday, March 11, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

Miss Baby and I have been thoroughly enjoying our maternity leave, so much that i've forgotten to post our fantastic finds! Today we spent a whopping $1.00. We are watching our finances as usual, (especially after just investing in a sleep number bed).

2 Everyday Food Magazines $.25. Compared at $2.95 a piece

1 new Monopoly card game for $.50. My kids at school love card games as rewards so I'm always trying to pick up new fun ones. I'm going to try this one on hubby first!

We also have been bringing Miss Baby's clothes to the baby thrift store in Plymouth for store credit. We got $42.00 in store credit and some extremely cute outfits in the next size up.

It is a rainy yucky day, and I can smell spring in the air. Think SPRING!


  1. Like mother like daughter. You two are so good at being thrifty.

  2. I saw those cute outfits such a good deal to trade in the outgrown for diffrent things and most of it was new with tages on it. thats my thrifty little girls
    love ya