Sunday, April 11, 2010

Long Time No See

Sorry I haven't blogged in a loongg time! Life at the Danforth household is hectic (as usual) the end of the school year is coming very fast. So I have a ton of IEPs to write and a lot of teachers to talk with. My masters program is also done May 2nd and I am a procrasinator so I have been putting off my project until oh wait now! AND Ron and I have decided to become foster parents so we are taking classes towards become certified. Wheww! I just keep looking forward to mid May early June when my life will slow down and I can hit some good yard sales and do some thrifting.

Unfortuneately I wasn't able to hit any yard sales this weekend, but hubby was sweet enough to let me shop the dump store while he unloaded a ton of leaves. I found a brand new mad libs book (perfect for my kids at school). A great fake lilac garland which is currently sitting on my mantel (pictures to come!), a wonderful book with pictures of Nantucket, and a Vera Bradley purse! The dump store was packed! It was fun to go in the little shack and poke around while people around me caught up and laughed about family, and the warm weather.

Only a few more months and I can be floating in a pool with a cocktail again ;)

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