Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Reason Why I love The Dump

(photo courtesy of google images)

Soo... I went to the dump with hubby today (he doesn't understand my obsession with the dump store).

I ran into the dump store and found a couple of good scores: (pictures to come later)

  • Black metal multi candle center piece

  • 2 books: How to survive after college without your parents money, and how to create and contract your own log cabin (looks brand new)

  • 4 packages of brand new stainless steal silverware still in the packaging from walmart
    I didn't love the silverware so i figured what the heck maybe Walmart will take it back...

WELL... not only did they take it back they gave me $4.00 in cash for it.

So I explained to hubby I got paid $4.00 to shop at the dump today!

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