Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Busy Busy Bee

Hey there blog friends I am still alive I promise! Things have been busy here on Fairview Ave. Miss Baby and I have been spending alot of time doing this: Playing outside with Bailey, and swimming.

We also have been doing alot of home improvements lately. When my foot decided to fall through the decking hubby convinced me it was time to put new decking down. Let me tell you he got the motherload of all deals, he got all the banisters, spindles, railing pieces (composite decking) an $1100 for $68 on clearance. I think my frugalness is rubbing off on him! Here is the before.... The after is soon to come!

I did have a chance to hit up the dump today. Now im a tad bit upset. This dump picking thing is a new trend. Let me tell you i've been picking the dump for years and have never seen it this busy! Here is what I got today: No its not a webber but its in damn good condition. I had to crawl alittle into the metal pile and I may need a new tetanus shot in my hand but it was worth it. Miss Baby also got some new books at the dump store. I wiped them down with clorax wipes and they're good to go. I may keep the Easter one for her Easter basket next spring. It looks brand new!

Well I'll leave you with a picture of my thrifty fourth of July decorations. I bought them at yard sales last year. Aren't they cute??

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  1. Love the busy thing miss baby must love it.
    good find at the dump and your decorations are great. Love the picture of you and hubby with miss baby swiming.