Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why have a yard sale when you can go to one

So hubster and I had a yard sale last weekend. Sorry for no pictures. Let me tell you I love to make a deal my hubby gets so irritated with me because what we did sell I sold for super cheap. We made $160.00 but we had a ton of stuff left over. So I decided to take our left over stuff to the dump store, I bet we made somebody's day!

So this weekend is the yard sale mecca to end all yard sales. I have already started mapping out my route. Hubby and I are starting at the Habitat for Humanity yard sale, last year I passed up a granite counter top with undermount sink that would have fit perfectly in our bathroom for $60.00. Im not going to let stuff like that go by this year. So i've grabbed the Conway Daily Sun and im circling like crazy!

This ugly outdated bathroom could have had a beautiful granite countertop last year. Maybe i'll be lucky enough to get one this year!

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