Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thrifty Saturday Finds

So hubby and I headed out on Saturday morning to a few thrift stores. Im not sure if hubby is really enjoying thrifting or if he just goes to curb my spending! Our first stop was the dump. Lately the dump has had nothing good. Today I found a pair of leather flip flops (they look barely used)

Our next stop was one a church thrift store that I don't frequent that often in Fryeburg Maine.

To my delight everything that day was FREE! My first thought was not yah everything is free! it was oh no another thrift store out of business! To my relief though they were just making room for spring and summer clothing. Here is what I got:

The book and crazy eights game is for my students at school. I love the skirt and my favorite find was the Irish Linen pants from Talbots they are beautiful! Unfortuneately not my size. So im going to sell them on ebay! I also got two pairs of pants one for me and one for my mom. All for free!

We also went to a couple of other thrift stores. This was definitely the find of the day!

An LL Bean raincoat in wonderful condition!

It retails for $130 I got it for 50 cents!


  1. Oh wow a thrift store with a FREE day - I could get used to that!

  2. I sure wish I could find a FREE DAY at a thrift store...lucky you! Hope you have a FUN day:)


  3. wish i would find a free sale!!! love the flip flops!